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Shrink Wrap Pro

Shrink Wrap Pro provides a fully insured professional on-site shrink wrapping service to the industrial,civil engineering and marine markets throughout Ireland. Shrink Wrap Pro is the most experienced shrink wrapping company in Ireland. All images on this website are of jobs completed by Shrink Wrap Pro and are not images taken from other websites or from shrink film suppliers.

Shrink Wrap Pro uses shrink wrap with 1 year UV inhibitors and anti-brittle agents to wrap objects of any size. This versatile material will only adhere to itself and not the object being wrapped. Shrink Wrap Pro uses various thickness of film depending on the application.

A shrink wrap cover is a great way to protect an asset because it is heat shrunk. It moulds to the shape of the object, becoming 'tight as a drum skin' so it cannot flap or chafe even in high wind speeds. This tightness is the secret of the strength and durability of shrink wrap. See shrink wrap examples on the left.

For scaffolding, shrink film provides excellent weather protection and encapsulation. Shrink film can be used as scaffold sheeting, as temporary roofs and walls and to provide encapsulation during grit blasting. The film can be used on any scaffold or roof system and fits tightly around irregular shapes. Fire retardant film is available for use with 'hot works'. Call for details on how shrink film cover can help your business.

For information phone +353 (0)1 2866256, +353 (0)87 2775826 or email Info@ShrinkWrapPro.com



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